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1. The auction lots will be sold:
a) At the starting bid, when there is only one bid (whichever the amount).
b) If there are two or more bids, the lot will be sold to the highest Bidder, at the price that results from adding 10% to the next highest bid (rounding up to the next whole number). For example, if there are several bids for a lot with a starting price of $100, and the two top bids are $200 and $150, the lot will be sold to the Bidder that submitted $200, and the selling price will be $165.
c) In the event of two identical high bids, the lot will be sold at that price to the Bidder who submitted the first received.
d) In the event of several bids, each new bid must advance 10% over the next highest bid in competition to be successful.

IT IS IMPORTANT to bear in mind that if a Bidder submits a very high bid for a lot, that will not necessarily be the successful selling price, a value which can result to be the starting bid or one much lower than that bidded, depending on the ongoing bidding process.

- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and only one bid of 500: selling price 100.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 100, bid B of 500: sold to B at 110.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 100, B of 500, C of 300: sold to B at 330.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 100, B of 500, C of 500: sold to B at 500.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 100, B of 500, C of 600: sold to C at 550.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 100, B of 500, C of 520: sold to B at 500, and the system gives C the chance to bid 550, and if he does he will be awarded the lot (if no other bids are received) at 550.
- Lot with a starting bid of 100, and bids A of 112, B of 200: sold to B at 124 (the exact amount would be 123.20, but it is rounded up to 124).

2. A buyer's premium equal to 10% of the successful bid price of each lot is payable by the Bidder as part of the total purchase price.

3. No bids can be withdrawn under circumstances and for no reason. Bidders should take good care to click on the "Submit bid" button only when they are certain that they did not enter a wrong amount or are not bidding on the wrong lot.

4. Bidders must honor their bids in full and in a timely manner. Failure to comply with this condition will cause the immediate suspension of their membership privileges, and no further bids will be taken into consideration in the auctions in our site. Philatino may also report to other sellers and/or philatelic sites (such as Delcampe, Philasearch, StampAuctionNetwork or StampCircuit) about the non-payment.

5. Philatino will keep all bids and Bidders confidential; they will not be revealed to any other member under no circumstances and for no reason. In fact, our bidding software does not make available any information in this regard even to Philatino operators.

6. The personal information submitted to our site will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be used to mail orders and for communications between Philatino and the Bidder.

7. When a lot is won, the Bidder will receive a detailed invoice that must be settled within 10 days upon receipt. Non-payments can cause cancellation of the transaction, and the item may be resold.

8. Accepted methods of payments: Wire transfer, cash, check or PayPal (*), but their availability and conditions will depend on your country of residence. If you have any questions, please contact us at philatino@philatino.com

(*) PayPal payments Important note: We accept PayPal payments with an additional charge of 5.5% to cover their fees (PayPal actually charges a commission of 8%: 5.5% to receive the money, and 2.5% for withdrawal which we will absorb). This additional charge is requested because, as the buyers premium in our auctions is very low (only 10%, while the usual percentage in European and American auction houses is of 20-30%), it is very difficult to absorb all the PayPal fees, which would represent 80% of our seller's commission.

9. For purchases made in AR$, the price will be valid for 10 calendar days from the date of purchase. If a buyer cannot make the payment within that period or needs a line of credit, they should contact us at philatino@philatino.com

10. By sending bids via third-party philatelic sites, the Bidder is accepting these Terms and Conditions and their registration at www.philatino.com in order to enter the bid(s) in our system, send communications about the buying process, and mail the orders.

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